The Sleeping Darkness Awakened

Submissions are closed. Check back for a future anthology. SciFi next time.

Call for submissions! We are compiling a horror anthology with a theme of old evil awakened. Stories can be about demons, old gods, old ghosts, old killers or anything from your created or real lore.

The evil must have been dormant but awakened by modern times or people. By modern we mean 20th & 21st centuries. So, if you want it to take place in the 80s, 50s or now that is okay.

Terms: Rabid Writing owns exclusive rights for four months from the publishing date. After that, authors may republish as long as they reference that it was first published in this anthology. The authors will receive a $20 token payment & 60% of royalties split between all authors. The token payment will be sent once the book is complete. We are looking for at least eight but no more than ten authors.


The story should be between 3,000 to 9,000 words. More than 9,000 will not be considered.

Submit in a doc. or docx. file only. No pdfs or any other programs that may cause formatting issues. Do not indent paragraphs but space between them. Do not include headers/footers or page numbers.

Submit stories to:


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